Welcome to the Kangaroo Valley Historical Society

We acquire, preserve and exhibit items that are significant to the Kangaroo Valley community for their enjoyment, education and enrichment.

The Kangaroo Valley Historical Society (Society) was started in 1953 by Wesley Vance and Archie Chittick both residents of Kangaroo Valley. The Society will acquire, preserve and exhibit items that are significant to our community for the enjoyment, education and enrichment of our community. The Society aims to continue to build an historical resource for the Kangaroo Valley community. For the purposes of artefacts these will be displayed in the Kangaroo Valley Museum located at 2029 Moss Vale Road Kangaroo Valley.

The Society meets at 10am on the second Tuesday of each month except for January. The Society also produces books which are made available for free download in Portable Document Format (PDF). A book resource is documented on this site and those books available only in book format and may be purchased.

The Society launched the Kangaroo Valley Museum in 1969 and relocated in 1973 to current premises at 2029 Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley. The Kangaroo Valley Museum Park was opened on the 10th November 1973.

Our Museum Mission is to preserve, display and share the historical artefacts of Kangaroo Valley. To achieve this mission the Society promotes, conserves, collects and interprets the artefacts of Kangaroo Valley objects and displays those objects at the Kangaroo Valley Museum.

By sharing the history of the Valley we help to strengthen our community. Our community members are not only those who live or work, in Kangaroo Valley, but include those having many diverse connections with the Valley. We serve, to the best of our ability, all our community members.

Our Values

  1. We value honesty and ethical behaviour in all that we do. We are accountable and responsible for our decisions and actions.
  2. We are committed to transparency in our operation and communicate truthfully about our efforts and activities.
  3. As custodians of the Valley’s historical treasures, we are be committed to maintaining industry standard practices.
    • a) Lifelong learning - connecting people to history
    • b) Creativity and innovation
    • c) Professional standards and integrity of scholarship
    • d) Respect for the cultural diversity of Kangaroo Valley and its different voices and stories
    • e) Our relationships with members, volunteers and partners in the community
    • f) Strong visitor focus and good organisational governance.